National Dissemination Workshop on Clean Air Planning for Smaller Cities

The GIZ project ‘Clean Air for Smaller Cities in the ASEAN region’ (CASC) cooperates with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment’s (MoE) Pollution division on improving air quality management in Indonesia. Through this collaboration, emissions inventories (EI) that include local pollutants as well as CO2 have been elaborated for Palembang and Surakarta. Together with a set of measures aimed at reducing air pollution the EI results are summarized in a Clean Air Plan (CAP) for the two pilot cities. The Indonesian government has replicated the EI approach in six more cities (Banjarmasin, Batam, Denpasar, Malang, Surabaya and Yogyakarta), notably with their own funding proving their high interest, commitment and ownership in tackling this environmental challenge. GIZ provided technical assistance in the form of quality control and loan of equipment to support the measurements of the emissions.
A National Dissemination Workshop was convened in Jakarta on 11 June 2014 with about 80 representatives from various research institutions, local and central government agencies, local and international NGOs including the media. The participants jointly:

  • discussed the development of the EI approach in the 6 cities,
  • shared international practices on air quality management and control and
  • came up with the next steps upon the finalization of the CASC project which will come to an end in December 2015.

On this occasion, the EI teams also officially submitted the EI reports to the MoE; the most dominant sources of emissions based on their EIs are from transportation and industries. The progress of the CAP and EIs were viewed as a positive development by the participants. For example, air quality management measures have been included in Palembang’s midterm regional development plan.
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