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About ASEAN Environment Knowledge Hub

About ASEAN Environment Knowledge Hub

ASEAN Environment Knowledge Hub (hereafter: The Hub) is developed to become an integrated knowledge management system that supports ASEAN Member States (AMS) in moving towards a more effective environmental data and information management system and serves as a helpful resource to support ASEAN in its policymaking and processes. 


The Hub is a one-stop platform for the public to access knowledge. It is the primary channel to promote equitable access, awareness and appreciation of ASEAN Cooperation on Environment to achieve greater communication impacts as mandated by the ASCC 2025 Blueprint while showing the commitment of AMS and its environmental stakeholders to initiate inclusive and transformative changes in ASEAN society. 


The Hub provides easy public access to knowledge and enables information sharing on emerging environmental issues in ASEAN. The Hub is developed with various features and menus to suit the needs of environment enthusiasts in knowledge sharing.


The Hub has six major components that include in the system flow and business process to picture the description and relationship between data and information that will be processed and provided to the public in general:


  Partnerships = A collection of data and information on ASEAN Cooperation on Environment under 7 thematic groups.
  News = Official and mainstream environmental news collected from multiple media sources, both media from each AMS’ government agency responsible for the environment and general press.
  Resources = A collection of official environmental data and information related to action plans, policies, strategies, guidelines, and other documents from AMS and ASEAN Secretariat.
  Events = General information about upcoming activities, seminar, training, or other events related to ASEAN Cooperation on Environment.
  Links = A list of resources related to the ASEAN Centres relevant to environment, ASEAN environment project websites, and AMS' Ministry of Environment websites.
  Forum = An online space for the public to share ideas, information, and environmental discussions.



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