Manila Declaration on the ASEAN Environment

Manila, 30 April 1981

FURTHER NOTING with satisfaction the substantial progress to date in the progressive implementation of projects under the ASEAN Environmental Programme (ASEP) with the support of UNEP and other international organizations and with goals as elaborated in the Document No. ASEAN/MME/4;

1. DO HEREBY DECLARE their agreement to strengthen regional cooperation and collaboration in the field of environment by adopting the following objective and policy sidelines;

(a) Objective

To ensure the protection of the ASEAN environment and the sustainability of its natural resources so that it can sustain continued development with the aim of eradicating poverty and attaining the highest possible quality t- life for the people of the ASEAN countries.

(b) Policy Guidelines

(i) Foster a common awareness among the people of the ASEAN countries of the biological, physical and social environment and its vital significance for sustained development to proceed apace;

(ii) Ensure, as far as practicable, that environmental considerations are taken into account in development efforts, both on-going and future;

(iii) Encourage the enactment and enforcement of environmental protection measures in the ASEAN countries;

(iv) Foster the development of environmental education programmes;


2. DECIDES to endorse and implement the adopted ASEAN Environmental Programme (ASEP) as annexed.

CONCERNED with the pressing problems f poverty and underdevelopment besetting the people of the ASEAN countries;

RECOGNIZING the need to continue and accelerate national development in order t, promote economic and -social well-being of the people;

FURTHER RECOGNIZING that sustained development is dependent upon the continuous availability of natural resources:

AWARE of the common environmental issues faced by the people of the ASEAN countries;

CONSIDERING the need to safeguard the ASEAN environment and the natural resources, renewable and non-renewable, that are part of it;

HAVING CONSIDERED the Reports of the ASEAN Experts Group Meetings and the ASEAN Environment Programme Document prepared for this meeting as annexed in Document No. ASEAN/MME/4;

HAVING FURTHER CONSIDERED the priority areas comprising the Programme, namely:

(a) Environmental Management including Environmental Inpact Assessment;

(b) Nature Conservation and Terrestrial Ecosystems;

(c) Marine Environment;

(d) Industry and Environment;

(e) Environmental Education and Training; and

(f) Environmental information


NOTING the sound preparatory work undertaken including the Meetings of the ASEAN Experts Group held at Jakarta (1978), Penang (1979), Manila (1980) and Singapore (1981).

3. DECIDES to recommend the establishment of an ASEAN Committee on Environment in the content of the restructuring of ASEAN.

DONE in Manila, Philippines, on the Thirteenth Day of April, 1981.