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ASEAN Report to the World Summit on Sustainable Development
date_range13 July, 2002

This Report was published for the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg , South Africa . The Report showcased ASEAN's achievements on sustainable development and emphasised the use of regional governance mechanisms, and regional goals and plans as a vehicle to implement these efforts at the national and regional levels. The major recommendations of the ASEAN report to the WSSD were: encourage sustainable economic growth; reform of the international financial structure; adherence to mutually supportive trade and environment policies; reduce/eliminate poverty; access to better health services; sustainable management of natural resources and environmental protection; call for global support for MEAs; streamline sustainable development governance framework at the international level; provision of adequate and predictable financing to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable development initiatives; facilitate access to technology and build the capacity of developing countries to absorb and adapt scientific knowledge and technological skills; and support for initiatives on partnerships.

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