ASEAN Declaration on Heritage Parks and Reserves

Bangkok, 29 November 1984

The Government of Brunei Darussalam,
The Government of the Republic of Indonesia,
The Government of Malaysia,
The Government of the Republic of the Philippines,
The Government of the Republic of Singapore, and
The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Member States of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) :

CONCERNED with the necessity to preserve, and protect national parks and nature reserves of the ASEAN member countries;

AWARE of the uniqueness, diversity and outstanding values of certain national parks and reserves of ASEAN member countries, that deserve the highest recognition so that their importance as conservation areas could be appreciated regionally and internationally;

RECOGNIZING that conservation areas should be managed to maintain ecological processes and life support systems, preserve genetic diversity; ensure sustainable utilization of species and ecosystems; and maintain wilderness that are of scenic, cultural, educational, research, recreational and tourism values;

CONSIDERING that to achieve the aims, purpose and objectives of the heritage parks and reserves of the ASEAN member countries, a master plan should be drawn for each heritage park which shall include but not be limited to management guidelines, research on structure and function of ecosystems and education on wilderness values;

FURTHER CONSIDERING that environ- mental concerns transcend national boundaries and that individual states are primarily responsible for their respective identified heritage sites;

DO HEREBY DECLARE the following national heritage sites and reserves,

    1. Brunei Darussalam
      a. Tasek Merimbun


    2. Indonesia
    a.  Leuser National Park
    b.  Kerinci – Seblat National Park
    c. Lorentz Nature Reserve


    3. Malaysia

a. Kinabalu National Park

b. Mulu National Park

c. Taman Negara National Park


    4. Philippines

a. Mt. Apo National Park

b. Iglit – Baco. National Park


    5. Thailand

a. Khao Yai National Park

b. Kor Tarutao National Park


as ASEAN national heritage parks and nature reserves and

AGREE that a common cooperation is necessary to conserve and manage such parks and reserves including the setting up of regional conservation and management action as well as a regional mechanism complementary to and supportive of national efforts at implementation of conservation measures.

DONE in Bangkok, Thailand, this Twenty- Ninth Day of November in the year one Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty-Four