Knowledge Sharing and Exchange of Information for ASEAN Countries

  1. With the continuing water stress of each countrys water resources, ASEAN member countries are at various stages of policy development and practices on the matter of water allocation, water supply, watershed management, IWRM/river basin organizations, coastal management, agriculture, hydropower, flood management, cloud seeding, climate change, water governance and other areas of excellence.
  2. In order to improve governance and build capacity there is a need for an appropriate system for knowledge sharing and exchange of information and creating awareness between ASEAN countries. Different countries can benefit from this endeavor by studying and learning from those that have proven excellence or good practices in different areas of water resources management.
  3. The 8th Meeting of the ASEAN Working Group on Water Resources Management (AWGWRM) held on 23-26 June 2008 in Singapore agreed to use the existing mechanisms and fora for knowledge sharing and exchange like the Asia Pacific Knowledge Forum (APWF) Knowledge Hubs in which the Public Utilities Board (PUB) Singapore and UNESCO are the lead organisations and supported by Asian Development Bank and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, which was launched during 2008 Singapore International Water Week.
  4. The 12th Meeting of AWGWRM further agreed for linking the APWF KnowledgeHubs with ASEAN environment website.