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ASEAN’s 100 Most Precious Plants

Lapis, A. B., M.E. David, C. G. Reyes & B.S. Audije. 2004. ISBN 971-8986-55-3. This book is ARCBC’s contribution to the 2003 ASEAN Environment Year Celebration. It is an emblematic initiative in taking stock of the 100 plant species that are indigenous to Southeast Asia and deeply rooted in the region’s diverse customs, cuisine, crafts, […]

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ASEAN’s Greatest Parks – The ASEAN Heritage Parks Programme

MacKinnon, J. R. & G. B. Villamor. 2004. ISBN 971-8986-60-X This publication showcases the ASEAN Heritage Parks Programme and ASEAN’s greatest natural parks. The publication describes 36 ASEAN and World Heritage Parks of the 10 ASEAN member countries. It portrays the amazing richness of the various life forms that are immeasurably valuable and useful to […]

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Guidelines for the Implementation of Controlled Burning Practices

ASEAN Secretariat. 2004. ISBN: 979-3496-07-X ¬†ASEAN recognises the difficulties of smallholders, farmers and shifting cultivators in implementing zero burning practices. These Guidelines provide recommendations for these parties on the implementation of controlled burning and other related practices, to promote sustainable forest management and environment-friendly land management and agricultural practices. The Guidelines were developed from case […]

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Guidelines for the Implementation of the ASEAN Policy on Zero Burning

ASEAN Secretariat. 2003. ISBN: 979-8080-98-X ASEAN has adopted the zero-burning policy in 199. This publication provides guidelines on zero burning techniques, among others, based on commercial scale experience of plantation companies in Malaysia and Indonesia . Apart from the zero burning techniques, the Guidelines also highlight the benefits, prerequisites as well as constraints in implementing […]

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