ASEAN Cooperation on Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST)

ASEAN is actively engaged in ensuring sustainable production and consumption through the promotion of environmentally sound technologies and cleaner production processes, guided by the relevant action lines in the ASCC Blueprint 2009-2015.


Following the ASEAN Workshop on Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) and Cleaner Production (CP) in 2004, an ASEAN Network on Environmentally Sound Technologies was established as a forum to share experiences and information. As a follow-up to the Workshop held in 2004, Malaysia as the lead country for EST also organised the ASEAN Plus Three Seminar on the Promotion of Environmentally Sound Technologies and Cleaner Production on 27 – 28 November 2007 in Kuala Lumpur.

Promoting environmentally sound technologies, environmental labeling and cleaner production is also one of the priority areas outlined in the ASEAN-China Strategy on Environmental Protection Cooperation 2009-2015 and ASEAN-China Environmental Cooperation Action Plan 2011-2013. The objectives of the cooperation are to promote the use of recycled materials and efficient use of raw materials, facilitate the development and transfer of ESTs, and enhance cooperation in environmental labeling and cleaner production.

The activities include, among others, the establishment of ASEAN-China environmental industry cooperation network, feasibility study on mutual recognition of environmental labeling, and development of environmentally sound technology pilot projects.

To implement the Strategy and Action Plan, ASEAN and China are now in the process of developing the draft ASEAN-China Cooperation Framework for Environmentally Sound Technology and Industry, to provide more detailed guidance and mechanism for ASEAN-China cooperation on the said subject area.

ASEAN-China Cooperation Framework on Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) and Industry was endorsed ad-referendum on 25 May 2013 to serve as a guiding document for future ASEAN-China cooperation on EST. The Cooperation Framework was announced during the China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum 2013 in Guangxi, China.