Workshop on Water Resources Demand Management Learning Forum for Irrigation — 26 28 July 2011, Bangkok, Thailand

  1. The Workshop on Water Resources Demand Management Learning Forum for Irrigation was held on 26 28 July 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Workshop was co-funded by the Government of Thailand, and the Government of Japan through the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF). It was attended by nearly 40 participants from ASEAN Member States, except Brunei Darussalam.
  2. The Workshop identified 7 problems, proposed 11 solutions and 18 action steps. The 7 problems identified are as follows:
    1. Sub-optimum operation and maintenance (O&M) and dysfunctional irrigation facilities;
    2. Insufficient irrigation infrastructure to cover all irrigated areas;
    3. Weakness in legal and policy framework: (i) lack of enforcement; (ii) lack of water law; and (iii) no unified authority;
    4. Weakness in community cooperation and farmers participation: (i) lack of research; (ii) lack of problem analysis; (iii) lack of awareness and capacity
    5. building; (iv) lack of promotion of local knowledge; and (v) lack of sense of ownership;
    6. Inadequate water supply and uneven distribution in the dry season due to increasing water demand & diminishing water supply caused by (i) increasing agricultural land; (ii) increasing water demand in other sectors; and (iii) lack of data and information for demand management;
    7. Water conflicts;
    8. Lack of funding for R & D, infrastructure improvement, etc.
  1. The recommendations generated from the Workshop was forwarded to the 12th Meeting of AWGWRM, 25-26 July 2012, in Ha Long City, Viet Nam, for discussion and further actions.
  2. The project report is available through webpage