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ASEAN Report to the World Summit on Sustainable Development

ASEAN Secretariat. 2002. ISBN: 979-8080-91.2 This Report was published for the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg , South Africa . The Report showcased ASEAN’s achievements on sustainable development and emphasised the use of regional governance mechanisms, and regional goals and plans as a vehicle to implement these efforts at the national and […]

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Fire, Smoke and Haze – The ASEAN Response Strategy

ASEAN Secretariat, 2001. ISBN: 971-561-338-1 The ASEAN-ADB joint publication entitled Fire, Smoke and Haze. The ASEAN Response Strategy brings together the current knowledge about land and forest fires, examines the causes and impacts with particular reference to Southeast Asia , and suggests what could happen in the future. It assesses ASEAN’s response to the haze phenomenon and […]

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The ASEAN Environmental Education Action Plan

ASEAN Secretariat. 2001. ISBN: 979-8080-81-5 The ASEAN Environmental Education Action Plan aims to empower people through formal and non-formal education, so that they can acquire the necessary values and skills that will enable them to participate effectively in the development of an ecologically sustainable community. The Plan serves not only as a collaborative framework for […]

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Second ASEAN State of the Environment Report 2000

ASEAN Secretariat. 2001. ISBN: 979-8080-83-1 This Report (SoER2) represents the second in the series of state of environment reporting of ASEAN. The SoER2 presents the status and condition of the environment and natural resources in ASEAN. The report highlights developments since the publication of SoER 1 in 1997, and therefore essentially covers the period of […]

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